what to do in rome

What To Do In Rome For A Romantic Gateway

Italian has always been one of the must-visited-country when spending the holiday in Europe. Moreover, Rome is one of the best destination lists for people as well. Not only it has unique and historical places, but Rome also has beautiful destinations for tourists to visit. The city is full of amazing architecture. The foods have special Italian delicious taste. And also there are many things about what to do in Rome for tourists. 

what to do in rome

Besides the entertaining side, people also often know Rome for its romantic nuance. Moreover in movies and songs, Rome is famous because it has many romantic venues and activities. For those who are planning to go for a honeymoon or another romantic holiday, Rome is a perfect place to go. There are many romantic things a couple could do in this city. Here the lists on what to do in Rome with your partner.

1. Take a Ride with a Rented Vespa

Going around Rome is a must. Rather than taking a car or a bus, try on renting a Vespa. Just like in the romantic movies, going through the city lights while riding a Vespa. The woman would hug the man during the ride from the back. That is also one of the reasons why renting a Vespa is better than a car. Moreover, parking is easier and cheaper for bikes.

2. Have a Romantic Picnic of Two

Another thing on what to do in Rome is having a picnic in the Aventine Hill. Couples could bring their meals here and enjoy the beautiful view of Rome. Not only that, but couples could also see the Cavalieri di Malta Gate. Moreover, the Aventine Hill is surrounded by a calming and colorful garden, Giardino Degli Aranci.  

3. Relax at the District of Trastevere

The next thing couples should do is spend time and relax in the District of Trastevere. Couples could explore the intimate alleyways with delicious traditional Italian food. One of the best menus is woo-fired oven Italian Pizza. Moreover, the district also has some colorful shutters to enjoy.

4. Have a Romantic Walk through the St. Peter Basilica

A must-thing on what to do in Rome is a romantic walk through the St. Peter Basilica. That best view for couples is during the night time when the lights are all on under the moon and stars. Couples could spend the night not only on the St. Peter Basilica but also on the Sistine Chapel.

5. Enjoying in the Villa Borghese Park

Another romantic activity that couples could do is enjoying the Villa Borghese Park. Couples could visit the garden or take a ride on a boat on the small lake. Furthermore about the park is that there is a beautiful view of Rome’s domes and the Piazza del Popolo. This park is ideal for couples to spend the afternoon under the warm sun.

The romantic activities on what to do in Rome would be a great idea for a honeymoon and a coupling holiday. Not only it is romantic but also cheap. Remember to book a romantic hotel to make the holiday even better.