Where To Visit In Doha, Ultimate Doha Travel Guide

Qatar is famous for its magnificent cities. Directly bordering Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. Also, Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. The capital is Doha, which has many tourist destinations. If you visit it you don’t need to be confused about where to visit in Doha.

Where to visit in doha

The airport in Qatar is also the headquarters of the Qatar Airways airline, which has more than 150 international destinations. So, no wonder if tourists also often visit Qatar. Let’s find out more about where to visit in Doha, which is very interesting for you:

1. Museum of Islamic Art

This country with a majority Muslim population has a museum with ancient Islamic style architecture with a unique design. This museum has the most complete and most extensive collection of Islamic artifacts in the world collected since the late 1980s.

The collection is manuscripts, pendants, and ceramics, jade, to textiles. Collections in the Museum of Islamic Art come from several countries, including India, Central Asia, Egypt, and others. In addition, the Islamic Art Museum also provides other facilities in the form of a library and research room.

2. Souq Waqif

This place became one of the favorite shopping destinations of tourists while on vacation to Qatar. You can find many types of unique items at very affordable prices. For example, you can easily find various kinds of souvenirs, spices, traditional clothes, and so on.

Around this market, you will see many luxurious buildings and hotels. But Souq Waqif still maintained its traditional side. Now this place is neatly arranged and is often used as a place for workshops, art galleries, and so forth.

3. Corniche

If you like beach tourism, you can visit this place. You can take a walk along the shores of Cornice Beach. The attraction of this tourist location lies in the panoramic view of the buildings that appear from the beachside.

In addition, you can also see fishes because the water is quite clear. You can ride a paddock that will make you in the middle of the beach so it is easier to see fishes. However, you are not allowed to swim at this beach.

4. Katara Mosque

the uniqueness of this mosque lies in the patterned tiles and design. The tiles come from the region around the Persian Gulf and also Iran. The tiles that adorn the mosque are dominated by Shi’ite tiles, which are popular in the Middle East region.

The contrasting color composition of the mosque building also symbolizes the greatness of the Arabs, Persians and also African traditions. This causes the mosque to have a lot of high cultural and philosophical values.

5. Qatar National Museum

If you still asking about where to visit in Doha, you can visit the Qatar National Museum. Qatar is popular for the architecture of its cities which are very modern and fascinating. If you visit this museum, then you can see the grandeur of its architecture.

This museum was once the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani Palace. Now, this building is a museum and a gallery that often holds world-class exhibitions. You can see historical heritage objects of society in ancient Qatar. Besides, you can also study the development of society to become modern as it is today.

Now you already know the 5 tourist destinations that you must visit in Doha. Therefore, you no longer need to be confused about where to visit in Doha. Thus, which tourist destinations in Qatar would you most like to visit?