Places Where to Go in Nagoya During Autumn For Your Escapade

Some people love winter, while others love summer. But autumn is just one of the perfect weathers besides spring. Autumn is when the leaves fall down and the hot weather begins to start to chill. Moreover, the beautiful color of red, orange, yellow would be accompanying. During this moment, one of the best places to spend is Nagoya. Furthermore, there are many great places where to go in Nagoya during autumn season.

The weather would usually take time from September to November. Not only that the places would not be as crowded as it is during the long season holiday. But also, the place is no less beautiful than the other weathers. Whether to visit the place with families, friends or with partners, Nagoya serves many interesting places. Here are some of the places on where to go in Nagoya during autumn.

1. Shirotori Garden

The first place to go is the Shirotori Garden. In the middle of the garden, there is the Seiu-teu. There would be the moon gazing tea event. This event would not be held all autumn long, but only during the middle time of the season. At this time, it would be the time of the harvest moon. The tea event would start from the evening up to midnight. The place would have a beautiful scene, including the sunset with a great nature view. However, do not forget to get the tickets for days before.

2. Tokugawaen

Another great place on where to go in Nagoya during autumn is Tokugawaen. It is the place where to go to enjoy the marvel of the moon. Marvel of the moon is an event where people could see the moon clearly. Not only that, but it is also trusted that during this time, it would bring many lucks to those who do it. People would ride and float on a pond in this place. Moreover, using a traditional Japan style boat.

3. Ryotei Kawabun

The third place is the Ryotei Kawabun, where people could enjoy the “Place of Art” event during the season. In the event, people could both enjoy and relax the traditional Japanese culture. Moreover, they could even be involved in the activities. Starting from the samurai warrior swords, Japanese dances, traditional magic, kimono, and more. There is also a restaurant in this place.

4. Nagoya Festival

The next place where to go in Nagoya during autumn is Nagoya Festival. It is the biggest event in Nagoya during the autumn weather. People could watch more than 700 performances, including concerts and dances. The event would take place along the Hisaya Odori Park.

5. Japan Kenjinkai Festival

Besides the Nagoya Festival, people should also visit the Japan Kenjinkai Festival. The location of the festival also takes place at the Hisaya Odori Park. The Japan Kenjinkai Festival is a festival where it bonds the connection between the local people with the culture in an entertaining way. Tourists could even join the festivals.

There are many fun and exciting places to go in Nagoya during autumn seasons. Moreover, the places have special events that are only in the autumn. It is a worth place to visit and to spend time.