Tips on Santorini Greece for Tourism

Santorini is located in Greece where it is quite different, unlikely other Greece destination places. However, it is one of the most favorite places to spend the holiday. Santorini is popular for its blue beautiful beach with the view of white iconic houses. Although it is a small island in Greek, Santorini has many unique places and luxury accommodation for tourism. However, tourism would still need some tips on Santorini Greece vacations to get the best moment.

People often visit Santorini during the warm and hot seasons. This is because Santorini is best for the blue skies and beaches. However, it is also nice to visit on the slight peak seasons like in April, May, and October. For those who are planning to visit and spend the holiday here, it is important to search for some tips before. Therefore, here are view useful tips on Santorini Greece.

1. Avoiding the Queue Cable Car

One of the transportation that tourists could use here is cable cars. However, during peak time, the queue line might be so long that it probably wastes some time. To avoid this, people could ride a donkey for another option. Even though it is not as fast as a car, people could get new experiences with donkeys.

2. Healing the Tired Body

The streets on Santorini are all almost uphill. Not forget to mention the hiking the volcano walk which is one of the favorite tourist activities. Of course, it would make some people’s bodies tired and exhausting. To heal the uncomfortable body, people should try the outdoor Jacuzzi. Soaking the body into the warm water would be satisfying and relaxing. It would refresh the body for another adventure.

3. Hungry in the middle of the Night

The next tips to Santorini Greece vacation are for those who are hungry in odd hours. When other places provide a 24 hours market, here there is a delicious 24 bakery. It is a takeaway bakery because it does not provides any chairs or tables for the customers. However, people could enjoy a great view from this bakery.

4. Outfit of the Vacation

Other great tips to Santorini Greece are the outfits. Always bring a swimming suit for every tour, because each beach is worth to try. People could also jump off from the ferry during their trip from hot spring tour and volcano walk. As for footwear, even though it is summertime, it suggested that people use walking shoes. This is because the paths here are uphill with loose rocks.

5. Take an Early Dinner

While in Santorini Greece, try to take an early dinner at 6 pm. Pick out a restaurant that has the view of the volcano. With this time and the perfect place, people could enjoy the beautiful sunset with a delicious meal. As for the later night, people could take a wine tour or enjoy a movie under the stars.

One of the best destinations in Greece is Santorini, which is worth to visit. However, people need to know the tips to Santorini Greece to experience the best holiday. Do not forget to use some sunscreens to avoid sunburn!