5 Tips For Free Traveling You Can Try

In this day and age, there are no paid days. Just like getting free stuff, free vacations can also be realized. Many people have dreamed around the world. But they find it hard to realize the dream because of costs. Do not worry, there are various tips for free traveling.  In addition to being able to visit new places, you can simultaneously explore and find out more about the places visited.

However, of course, it will be even more fun if you go through the hobby without spending a fee or free. In fact, during traveling, you can also get your income. How to travel for free? Well, for those of you who like to travel, there are 5 choices of tips for free traveling you can try:

1. Look For Endorse Sponsors

Right now, looking for endorse is not a difficult thing to do. For the sake of getting a free vacation, you must be willing to try from now on. How? Easy, try to start blogging and reviewing or writing various things. If you’ve started to commercial, surely endorse the goods began to arrive for review on your blog.

Well, if the goods endorse is getting crowded, you can switch to endorse travel. You can ask for plane tickets to Lombok, or even Singapore, Bangkok, or Australia, even. This endorsement system is very easy. They give you a fee in the form of free tickets and instead, you will document everything on your blog or even your vlog to promote the travel. It’s fun, right?

2 Social Media Influencers

Being an influencer is also one of the jobs for traveling fans. Only by uploading traveling photos on social media, you can get lots of likes and followers. If engagement on social media is high, companies are likely to interest in working with you.

You can also be invited to various places, then you provide reviews on social media while promoting tourism. Do not rule out the possibility you can also be invited to be a speaker at an event and you can share your inspirational experiences when traveling. Of course, coffers of money can also enter your pocket.

3. Tourism Guide

Not all people who want to travel diligently look for information about tourist attractions to visit. Therefore, recruiting tour guides is consider as one of the shortcuts so that the events will be more memorable and enjoyable.

As a tour guide, you not only accompany but also provide recommendations for places of interest that are indeed interesting to go, all the roads – free of course. You can also convey a variety of information, related to local wisdom, habits of the local community, and so on, so that walking activities are not just taking pictures and capturing moments.

4. Volunteer

For those of you who are still unemployed, aka still doing off year after graduating from college and are reluctant to directly look for work, rather than you just vacation at home, you better fill in useful free holiday activities, namely volunteers.

Many countries need volunteers. Some of these activities have only provided accommodation while you were there, but you can also invite sponsors to get free airplane tickets to get there. If you take part in volunteering, usually, a free place to stay plus a meal will be provided. But that’s right, don’t expect anything fancy, you will learn to live simply there. Free holidays while contributing to good things are fun you know! It can add to your life experience.

5. Take The Quiz

If you feel the endorse search stage is still long, you can take advantage of various quizzes given by various brands. Usually, many quizzes give gifts for traveling to various places. If you are hockey, you can get a free vacation abroad. Let alone Singapore, maybe Europe, you know! To get this opportunity, you must be diligent in checking the applicable quiz promos and take advantage of the opportunity. Try to follow the tips of the quiz hunters who have succeeded in a free trip to other countries.

If it is still not possible to get tips for free traveling at this time, do not let your desire to travel immediately dissipate because of financial matters. You can also plan the destination you want to go far in advance of the date of departure, can also calculate the estimated traveling costs as well as the costs. The travel expense simulation calculator below might help you make travel planning from now.