Iconic Gifts From San Francisco You Should Bring Back Home

When you travel to some places especially San Francisco, the first thing you should bring back gifts. It may sound simple but it will be more precious when you succeed bring iconic gifts from San Francisco. Your beloved person will love to receive special things from you and they will remember it forever. Try to bring something you can’t find it anywhere else except in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the most favorite tourist places in California. There, you can find a lot of interest things and you will bring them to your house if you can. Getting confused to choose and find some iconic gifts from San Francisco? Here we will try to give you some of them and the reason why should you bring them home. Check this out!

1. Local Coffee Grounds

San Francisco has a lot of variants of nature products that already famous in this world. One of the most famous natural products there is a coffee, it is different from coffee from somewhere else. You can easily find and try local ground coffee in any coffee shop all around the city. Besides, try to buy it with a unique bag so your beloved person can believe it is real from San Francisco.

2. Aromatherapy Candle

Instead of buying a mug or clothes with “I LOVE SF” on it, it will be better you buy an aromatherapy candle. Not like others, the aromatherapy candle from this city has a unique scent, just like the aroma of the entire city. However, the craftsman makes the aromatherapy candle with high-quality raw materials. Feel the aroma of cedarwood, lime, cinnamon, ylang-ylang and many more, mixed in the perfect combination.

3. Irresistible Chewiness

Every place in this world has unique food or partisan, and it also happens in San Francisco. One of the best partisans in this place usually using a bar of chocolate as the main ingredient. Not only the chocolate, but partisans in San Francisco also using some weird ingredients like a dandelion. But you don’t need to be worry because all of the partisans have a good taste.

4. Baseball Merchandise

When you come to visit San Francisco, you should bring baseball merchandise for your family. Because people usually know San Francisco as the home for high-quality baseball equipment. You will meet a stunning design for the ball on any sport goods store. Also, there are available two rich vintage color and the ball look precious that comes from the past.

5. Modern Taxidermy

When you visit San Francisco for holiday and you want something different from usual gifts, this can be the right one. However, modern taxidermy has a lot of different animals you can find from butterfly to octopus. These gifts are unforgettable because it unique, not many people bring this as a gift.

These are some of the best iconic gifts from San Francisco we can recommend for you. If you read this article, you should not bring any boring stuff like a mug, or clothes with “I LOVE SF” anymore. Try to bring one of them for your beloved person and she will remember it forever.