Eastern Europe Backpacking Route People Should Try

Europe is a dream destination for many people who loves backpacking. The continent contains many beautiful places and things to do for all ages. However, Europe is not a cheap place to come, therefore, many people prefer to go backpacking there. For those who are planning to go to Europe should go through Eastern Europe backpacking route. There are a few options that people can choose adjusting the budget and time they have. But every option there is worth to try.

For those who are planning on a long trip to Europe should stay at least 3 days in each city. This is because each country and cities offer different places and atmosphere that other places don’t have. For those who are planning on a trip, but don’t which place to go can use some of these routes. Here are some countries to visit on your eastern Europe backpacking tour:

1. Prague

For those who love romantic movies must know the city of Prague. This is a must-visit city that people should consider when coming to Europe. The city offers many fairytale places such as Charles Bridge to St. Nicholas. Even though there are many old buildings in the city, people will fall in love with design and architecture. There is nothing that people will not like about the city. The food and café also make the place a perfect place for couples to come too. 

2. Krakow

After spending some nights in Prague, ride a bus to a small city called Krakow. Even though the country is small, the atmosphere here is very cozy and homey. So, this sure is a city people must visit especially if they are looking for a peaceful holiday. Other than the atmosphere, the city offers many historical places that are quite interesting. There is also a Jewish community in the city that runs a bar and youthful cafes. 

3. Ukraine

A city in Ukraine that is possible to visit in the Eastern Europe Backpacking Route in Lviv, Ukraine. Many people don’t know about this place yet, but it is very beautiful. However, the beauty of this place is included in the world heritage of UNESCO. Here people will feel a vintage and retro vibe in most of the cafes and restaurants in the city. 

4. Budapest, Hungary

Continue your trip to the next attractive place in Europe, Budapest. People can enjoy public baths and party bars that are available on the streets. The public baths are one of the most famous places here and they provide parties too. So, after a calm cozy day, it is time to party. 

5. Belgrade, Serbia

If you are looking for some nature, then come to Serbia and see the beautiful nature. Many beautiful natures are still clean and fresh. The atmosphere and places here are great for picnics and camping. So, try to spend a night in this city where you can be one with nature. 

These are some cities that are included in the Eastern Europe backpacking tours where people usually visit. People can determine how long they want to spend in each city. However, try to stay at least 2 days in each city to visit the whole city. Well, whichever city you choose to visit they are all beautiful.