What To Do In Rome For A Romantic Gateway

Italian has always been one of the must-visited-country when spending the holiday in Europe. Moreover, Rome is one of the best destination lists for people as well. Not only it has unique and historical places, but Rome also has beautiful destinations for tourists to visit. The city is full of amazing architecture. The foods have special Italian delicious taste. And also there are many things about what to do in Rome for tourists. 

what to do in rome

Besides the entertaining side, people also often know Rome for its romantic nuance. Moreover in movies and songs, Rome is famous because it has many romantic venues and activities. For those who are planning to go for a honeymoon or another romantic holiday, Rome is a perfect place to go. There are many romantic things a couple could do in this city. Here the lists on what to do in Rome with your partner.

1. Take a Ride with a Rented Vespa

Going around Rome is a must. Rather than taking a car or a bus, try on renting a Vespa. Just like in the romantic movies, going through the city lights while riding a Vespa. The woman would hug the man during the ride from the back. That is also one of the reasons why renting a Vespa is better than a car. Moreover, parking is easier and cheaper for bikes.

2. Have a Romantic Picnic of Two

Another thing on what to do in Rome is having a picnic in the Aventine Hill. Couples could bring their meals here and enjoy the beautiful view of Rome. Not only that, but couples could also see the Cavalieri di Malta Gate. Moreover, the Aventine Hill is surrounded by a calming and colorful garden, Giardino Degli Aranci.  

3. Relax at the District of Trastevere

The next thing couples should do is spend time and relax in the District of Trastevere. Couples could explore the intimate alleyways with delicious traditional Italian food. One of the best menus is woo-fired oven Italian Pizza. Moreover, the district also has some colorful shutters to enjoy.

4. Have a Romantic Walk through the St. Peter Basilica

A must-thing on what to do in Rome is a romantic walk through the St. Peter Basilica. That best view for couples is during the night time when the lights are all on under the moon and stars. Couples could spend the night not only on the St. Peter Basilica but also on the Sistine Chapel.

5. Enjoying in the Villa Borghese Park

Another romantic activity that couples could do is enjoying the Villa Borghese Park. Couples could visit the garden or take a ride on a boat on the small lake. Furthermore about the park is that there is a beautiful view of Rome’s domes and the Piazza del Popolo. This park is ideal for couples to spend the afternoon under the warm sun.

The romantic activities on what to do in Rome would be a great idea for a honeymoon and a coupling holiday. Not only it is romantic but also cheap. Remember to book a romantic hotel to make the holiday even better.

Best Hiking Trail in the World That You Must Visit

When the holiday is coming, you can do many things to create an unforgettable experience. Plan one activity that is memorable, such as hiking. Hiking is fun because you will see different scenery than in your everyday life. Also, it is good for your health because while you are walking the long journey, your body will get fresh air and the muscles are practiced. If you are interested in doing this, see the best hiking trail in the world below that can be your option destination.

If you are the beginner or just tried this adventure activity, then you need to prepare some things. Besides preparing your physic, you need basic preparations like first aid (adjust to your need), supplement, sun protection, repair kit and tools (knife, shovel, cable ties, and etc.), headlamp, flash, and many others. You can ask your experienced friend or professional. They know the best recommendation for you. While you are preparing for it, check what we have here as the best hiking trail in the world:

1. Trolltunga, Norway

This place is one of the popular hiking destinations among people. You cannot deny how amazing the scenery is. Your journey will be ended at the Troll’s tongue, a rock which has silver color and sliver shape. It is very good as the photo spot. The whole distance is 23 km, so it is about up to 10 hours to finish the track.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is the best option for those who don’t have much time for a holiday. Placed in Peru, Machu Picchu is actually can be achieved by bus or train. But, feel the sensation when you walk from the famous Inca trail until the Sun Gate. Usually, people arrive at the final gate in the afternoon. They have to climb the stone, walk through the forest, and see the rainbow over it. You never feel tired when you finally finish the track.

3. Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand is the other option when you want to have one-day tracking. You only need about 8 hours to finish the journey. Hiking at Tongariro Alpine Crossing lets you see the wide green scenery, lunar landscape, and semi-dormant volcanoes. If you are curious about this place, you can see the picture first on the internet. We assure you won’t miss this destination.

4. Love Valley, Cappadocia

Just like the name, you will love this place. It is also the quick track because you only need up to 2 hours to finish. But, do not underestimate Love Valley, because the ending is absolutely loveable. Along with the steps, you will through small climbs, unique plants, and caves. In the end, your eyes will see the phalic-shaped rock formations.

5. Jiankou to Mutianyu, Great Wall of China

Spending time at the Great Wall of China is an amazing experience. It is an unforgettable memory for anyone who hikes from Jiankou to Mutianyu. Even today many parts are broken, people still love to visit there. You will see various vegetations and feel the real past life in China. The total distance is 10 km that you can finish on 5 hours.

Besides the five best hiking trail in the world above, there are still many places outside. But if you are the first hiker, then those places are worth to visit. Also, you can search the famous national parks as the option too. The parks are good if you want to involve the kids.

How to Pack for Traveling in Simple Ways

Traveling is fun but packing for traveling can be the hard part before the day comes. Making sure that all the things needed are sometimes tricky, especially if you are going with the family. Therefore, it is important to know how to pack for traveling so people can bring all they need. Because sometimes people forget to bring their daily and important needs. On the other hand, the bag or luggage is already full of clothes. 

A key to how to pack for traveling is by organizing the things you will be bringing. You will need to put them nicely into the bag rather than just putting them in. Remember when riding an airplane there is also a certain weight that people must obey. Therefore, if you are traveling on an airplane make sure to also pay attention to the weight of your belongings. Here are some tips on how to pack for traveling that can less up your belongings:

1. Use Packing Cubes

Rather than just putting clothes inside the luggage, try to use packing cubes. These cubes will not only help organize your belongings but also help the cloth keep tidy. They come in various sizes too, therefore people can adjust them with the size of the clothes and luggage. So, if you need to find anything it is easier to find and put back.

2. Travel Size Toiletries

Other than clothes, toiletries usually use up a lot of space in the luggage. Therefore, to prevent this from happening to buy or use travel-size toiletries. No matter how long you are going, use these small places and bring them with you. This will surely help give more space to your luggage rather than having to bring big ones. Then, put all the toiletries in one bag to make it easy to find later. 

3. Count the Clothes

An important thing on how to pack for traveling is by counting the number of clothes you will need. So, if you are planning to go for a week, how many times will you be changing your clothes each day? By knowing the amount, people can bring the clothes they will need rather than what they want. 

4. Compression Bag

If you do plan to bring a lot of clothes, then use a compression bag that can be reused. After putting clothes in a compression bag, vacuum them up and put them inside your luggage. This can save up to 40-50% of the space in your luggage and can give you the chance to bring more things. However, make sure to bring a thick compression bag therefore it doesn’t ruin your clothes.

5. Selective on Footwear

This is also one of the things that take up the most space in the bag. Rather than bringing all your footwear on holiday, try to bring only 2 footwear with you. Wear one, then you can bring another one in the bag. This way you will much more space for other things rather than just shoes. 

These simple tips on how to pack for traveling are very effective and helpful. People do not need to bring an extra bag that will cause them in a more complicated situation. To help on your packing, note the things that you will need to bring, therefore you don’t pack everything in.

What to Do in Abu Dhabi – Here are the List

Abu Dhabi is known for luxurious resorts, malls, and mosques. This place is a complete combination of the traditional and modern world into one place. On one side of the island, there are many high luxurious buildings that many tourists visit each day. However, on the other side of the island, some local people still live there with their traditional habits. Therefore, when coming here people must see and visit these two places to see both sides of Abu Dhabi. Make sure to make a what to do in Abu Dhabi list to ensure you see everything on the island. 

Abu Dhabi has it all for the family to visit. Those who love cars such as the Ferrari world can come to this island. As for those who love window shopping can also enjoy the many malls available. There are also inside the aquarium for the kids to enjoy. So, are you still confused about what to do in Abu Dhabi for your holiday? Here are some places that you and your family must visit:

1. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is one of the two mosques that allow non-Muslim to enter and see how a mosque is is. This is one of the largest and most luxurious mosques there is in the world that human has made. Just by looking at the exterior people can know why it is a place to visit when you are in Abu Dhabi.

2. Seeing the Emirate Palace

Even though you aren’t spending your night at the Emirate Palace, people can still walk around and see the luxury resort. Here people can see how big and luxury the rooms and the building are. Inside people can also do some window shopping while looking at the architecture. People who have extra money can spend their nights here and receive beyond 5-star service. 

3. Go on A Dessert Tour

Coming to Abu Dhabi means going on a dessert tour using traditional or modern ways. For those who want to do some sun, bathing can go on a dessert tour by riding camels. The camels will walk slowly therefore you can enjoy your time. However, if you want to have a more challenging and bumpy ride, use the jeep to run around the desserts. 

4. Visiting the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Another attraction that people may not be aware of is the Abu Dhabi Hospital. Here people can see many kinds of falcons that are treated in the hospital because of many reasons. This animal used to have an important role in Emirati Society, therefore people treat them well until today. 

5. Watch Races at Ferrari World

Are you still confused about what to di Abu Dhabi even after all the explanations? If yes, then this is a place that can complete your holiday. In this stadium, people can watch international racing between groups. Or if there is no race, you can just visit the Ferrari world to see many types of Ferrari accessories. 

These places and activities are very well popular in Abu Dhabi; therefore, it is a must to visit them. So, when if you are planning a holiday, you won’t need to wonder what to do in Abu Dhabi. Because there is a list of things that you must do. However, remember that Abu Dhabi is expensive therefore you will need to prepare some cash.

Things to Do in Denver for a Family Vacation

One of the best locations in the United States that people could enjoy and visit for holidays is Denver. The city is surrounded by beautiful rocky mountains. People could enjoy nature, parks, shopping places, sights, landmarks, and do some outdoor indoor activities.  Moreover, this destination is perfect for the whole family including the kids. Before going on a holiday there, make a list of things to do in Denver.

When putting on a list of things to do in Denver, people do not have to confuse with transportation. Visitors would get easy access transportation here which is great for a holiday. There is mass transportation like the bus and the train. Furthermore, here are the things that the whole family could enjoy during a holiday in Denver.

1. Denver’s beautiful garden

Without going around the world, people could just visit Denver and enjoy plants from all around the world. The place that has a wide range of plants here is the Denver Botanic Garden. This destination does not only presences the beauty of the plants. But it also connects the visitors with education, conservation, sustainable living, and art. To memorialize the holiday, visitors could also hire a photographer there.

2. Denver’s gorgeous Mountain

One of the things to do in Denver that visitors do not want to miss is visiting the Evan Mountain. There are a lot of packages that people could enjoy here. Starting from a private tour, a cultural tour, an outdoor activity package up to a luxury tour. As another option, people could also not join any tours and enjoy their own schedule for their holiday.

3. Denver’s Incredible Museums

There are many museums that people could visit in Denver. Starting from the Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Art Museums, the Music Hall of Fame and many more. Denver is rich with culture and art, furthermore, it has many places where the family could explore new things. The museums are not only educative but also entertaining at the same time. Moreover, in each museum, there are a variety of activities, programs, and exhibitions for the whole family.

4. Denver’s Whiskey Tour

One of the favorite things to do in Denver is joining a Whiskey Tour. The grown-up people would explore a wonderful ambiance here. The adults could try special tastes of whiskey here and also know the fascinating process here. All the history of whiskey is available and people could learn about it in a fun way. As an addition, the place is clean and comfortable for people to visit.

5. Denver’s City Zoo

For an outdoor and nature destination, people could visit the Denver Zoo. It is not only suitable for the kids but the adults as well. There are 4100 animals and all of them are threaten well by the zookeeper. Furthermore, this zoo is the most cultural place that visitors visit in Denver.

There are many things to do in Denver that the whole family could enjoy and explore. People would need about 3-5 days to enjoy the city for a holiday destination. Whether going with the family, a friend or a partner, Denver is suitable for any kind of vacations.

Tips on Santorini Greece for Tourism

Santorini is located in Greece where it is quite different, unlikely other Greece destination places. However, it is one of the most favorite places to spend the holiday. Santorini is popular for its blue beautiful beach with the view of white iconic houses. Although it is a small island in Greek, Santorini has many unique places and luxury accommodation for tourism. However, tourism would still need some tips on Santorini Greece vacations to get the best moment.

People often visit Santorini during the warm and hot seasons. This is because Santorini is best for the blue skies and beaches. However, it is also nice to visit on the slight peak seasons like in April, May, and October. For those who are planning to visit and spend the holiday here, it is important to search for some tips before. Therefore, here are view useful tips on Santorini Greece.

1. Avoiding the Queue Cable Car

One of the transportation that tourists could use here is cable cars. However, during peak time, the queue line might be so long that it probably wastes some time. To avoid this, people could ride a donkey for another option. Even though it is not as fast as a car, people could get new experiences with donkeys.

2. Healing the Tired Body

The streets on Santorini are all almost uphill. Not forget to mention the hiking the volcano walk which is one of the favorite tourist activities. Of course, it would make some people’s bodies tired and exhausting. To heal the uncomfortable body, people should try the outdoor Jacuzzi. Soaking the body into the warm water would be satisfying and relaxing. It would refresh the body for another adventure.

3. Hungry in the middle of the Night

The next tips to Santorini Greece vacation are for those who are hungry in odd hours. When other places provide a 24 hours market, here there is a delicious 24 bakery. It is a takeaway bakery because it does not provides any chairs or tables for the customers. However, people could enjoy a great view from this bakery.

4. Outfit of the Vacation

Other great tips to Santorini Greece are the outfits. Always bring a swimming suit for every tour, because each beach is worth to try. People could also jump off from the ferry during their trip from hot spring tour and volcano walk. As for footwear, even though it is summertime, it suggested that people use walking shoes. This is because the paths here are uphill with loose rocks.

5. Take an Early Dinner

While in Santorini Greece, try to take an early dinner at 6 pm. Pick out a restaurant that has the view of the volcano. With this time and the perfect place, people could enjoy the beautiful sunset with a delicious meal. As for the later night, people could take a wine tour or enjoy a movie under the stars.

One of the best destinations in Greece is Santorini, which is worth to visit. However, people need to know the tips to Santorini Greece to experience the best holiday. Do not forget to use some sunscreens to avoid sunburn!

Eastern Europe Backpacking Route People Should Try

Europe is a dream destination for many people who loves backpacking. The continent contains many beautiful places and things to do for all ages. However, Europe is not a cheap place to come, therefore, many people prefer to go backpacking there. For those who are planning to go to Europe should go through Eastern Europe backpacking route. There are a few options that people can choose adjusting the budget and time they have. But every option there is worth to try.

For those who are planning on a long trip to Europe should stay at least 3 days in each city. This is because each country and cities offer different places and atmosphere that other places don’t have. For those who are planning on a trip, but don’t which place to go can use some of these routes. Here are some countries to visit on your eastern Europe backpacking tour:

1. Prague

For those who love romantic movies must know the city of Prague. This is a must-visit city that people should consider when coming to Europe. The city offers many fairytale places such as Charles Bridge to St. Nicholas. Even though there are many old buildings in the city, people will fall in love with design and architecture. There is nothing that people will not like about the city. The food and café also make the place a perfect place for couples to come too. 

2. Krakow

After spending some nights in Prague, ride a bus to a small city called Krakow. Even though the country is small, the atmosphere here is very cozy and homey. So, this sure is a city people must visit especially if they are looking for a peaceful holiday. Other than the atmosphere, the city offers many historical places that are quite interesting. There is also a Jewish community in the city that runs a bar and youthful cafes. 

3. Ukraine

A city in Ukraine that is possible to visit in the Eastern Europe Backpacking Route in Lviv, Ukraine. Many people don’t know about this place yet, but it is very beautiful. However, the beauty of this place is included in the world heritage of UNESCO. Here people will feel a vintage and retro vibe in most of the cafes and restaurants in the city. 

4. Budapest, Hungary

Continue your trip to the next attractive place in Europe, Budapest. People can enjoy public baths and party bars that are available on the streets. The public baths are one of the most famous places here and they provide parties too. So, after a calm cozy day, it is time to party. 

5. Belgrade, Serbia

If you are looking for some nature, then come to Serbia and see the beautiful nature. Many beautiful natures are still clean and fresh. The atmosphere and places here are great for picnics and camping. So, try to spend a night in this city where you can be one with nature. 

These are some cities that are included in the Eastern Europe backpacking tours where people usually visit. People can determine how long they want to spend in each city. However, try to stay at least 2 days in each city to visit the whole city. Well, whichever city you choose to visit they are all beautiful.