things to do in phnom penh

Exciting Things To Do In Phnom Penh

Entering a new year, getting ready to prepare another holiday destination. Rather than choosing a general tourism destination, let’s choose a place that people do not often go to. One of the places that could in this year’s list is Phnom Penh in Cambodia. There are many unique things to do in Phnom Penh for a holiday. Visiting this biggest city in Cambodia would be a different experience of vacation.

things to do in phnom penh

Visiting Phnom Penh from another country is quite easy. Since this is the biggest city in the country, it is easy to get a flight to this city. Moreover, people could also use public transportation here. For those who are interested to visit Phnom Penh, make sure to make an itinerary before going there. Making an itinerary is important for holidays to save time and money. So, to help out, here are the things to do in Phnom Penh for a holiday.

1. The Phnom Penh Cultural Destinations

Like other Asian countries, Cambodia has many cultural destinations. Starting from the National Museum, the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and the Wat Phnom. Most of these places are Buddhist places. Moreover, not only these places have historical stories to tell visitors. But also, there is the beautiful scenery that people could enjoy. Visitors do not need to pay a big amount to enter these places.

2. The Emotional Places

The different things to do in Phnom Penh is that people could visit emotional places. Starting from the S21 Prison where it is a museum about the previous jail with horrible stories behind it. Also, there is the Daughter of Cambodia Visitor Centre, where the ex-victim sex trafficking could work and explore things. Visitors could also enjoy their work of art, culinary and craft. Moreover, visitors could also volunteer in the CHOICE organization.

3. The Phnom Penh Market

Another thing to do while visiting this city is to visit the markets. One of them is the Phnom Penh Market. Here people could get closer to the local people with delicious local food. Not only that they could have interesting meals, but also people could enjoy shopping for the local items here. Starting from local bags, shoes, clothing, hardware, and other stuff.

4. The Phnom Culinary

Besides the markets, people could also enjoy local cuisine from other places. One of the popular places to visit to enjoy a meal is Friends the Restaurant. People could try Cambodia food such as seared snapper, sun-dried tomato hummus, taco salads, and Khmer style scotch eggs. Moreover, the servants here are people who once are people from the street. By eating here, people would also help them to get a better life.

5. The Wildlife of Phnom Penh

The next things to do in Phnom Penh are visiting and enjoying the wildlife of Phnom Penh. People could visit the Wildlife Alliance where people could take a tour and hand-feed the animals. The animals here are not collected to be shown to the visitors but they undergoing rehabilitation. Another place that people should visit is the bear care tour. Here people could directly meet moon and sun bears.

Not a lot of people from the world often visit Cambodia for holidays. Whereas this place has great destinations to enjoy. Moreover, there are many interesting things to do in Phnom Penh to spend the holiday.